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RestWise is online, meaning you can take it anywhere while it works offline too.
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Keep track of your body’s recovery using patented formulas and know when and how to train.
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Bring your coach closer and allow them to follow and analyse your status from anywhere in world.
For what sports is Restwise useful?

Restwise is equally effective in measuring fatigue in athletes who participate in any sport that requires demanding training, whether it is an aerobic endurance sport, a power sport, or one that combines both. The tool will not say “your legs are tired”. Instead, it will say “your body is showing signs that your training load is too great for your body to absorb.” This is relevant across all physically demanding sports.

What level athlete should use Restwise?

Restwise was designed for any athlete who is pushing himself or herself to reach a challenging physical goal, whether that is training for your first sprint triathlon or to make the Olympic rowing team. The physiology of elite athletes is essentially the same as amateur athletes, and Restwise calibrates against your personal baseline. We don’t say that “a RHR of 34 is better than a RHR of 64”, but we do say that an unusually elevated morning heart rate may be an indicator of fatigue. So we flag it and factor it into that day’s recovery score.

Are all the inputs weighted the same?

No. The weighting varies for each marker and is dependent on the strength of the empirical and anecdotal evidence of each. Keep in mind also that the algorithm is specific to the individual by intelligently referencing to an individuals baseline data and also intelligently responding to the degree by which specific markers change over a few days; for example the weight of last nights sleep score (a proprietary algorithm for duration and quality) is dependent on the previous two nights scores, with the understanding that the effect of poor sleep is cumulative.

What does my recovery score tell me?

Your Restwise recovery score is a measure of how well your body is responding to your training load. A low score, particularly over an extended period, is an indicator of fatigue, stress, and over-reaching. It suggests that your system is most probably requires increased rest, prudent nutrition (especially high carbs), positive fluid balance, etc to train or compete at a high level. Importantly, Restwise is not is a predictor of acute performance. You may have a great performance on a day that you have a low recovery score, but you are risking tearing yourself down in a way that is counter productive and ultimately will lead to underperformance. Rather, Restwise will help you find the line between over-reaching and underperformance.

How do I use the score?

Your recovery score has to be interpreted in the context of a coherent training plan. If you are intentionally over-reaching in order to produce a supercompensation, then you would expect, even want, a low recovery score. However, if you are nearing the end of a recovery phase and your scores have not rebounded, then it is an indicator that you should rest more before resuming hard training or competition.

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